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No Lick Kuen/ Sup Gee Kuen

The No Lick Kuen is a physical strength and body power development set emphasizing the right arm (can easily be reversed for left-handed students). Produces a positive effect on general health due to the diaphragmatic breathing. Promotes exceptional (muscular) size and strength gains within six months! Develops devastating power in the right punch while making the whole body hard as a rock.One of many Chinese forms so named due to the ''cross'' (+) ground pattern. This is a very simple form, easy to learn, and repeats (after a unique Tiger salute) the same 5-movement sequence over and over while turning 360 degrees in 90 degree increments. Excellent for stamina building and stance/arm coordination. When done in conjunction with the No Lick Kuen strength set it gives the beginner both great power and endurance.

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