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The impact that Green Dragon instructional videotapes has had on the kung- fu practitioners ordering our forms is, in a word, overwhelming! In the past several years, Green Dragon has compiled file folders full of complimentary letters, commendations, and personal testimonies of all kinds verifying the quality, superiority, and unusual nature of the materials we are offering; in fact, many long-term students of the Chinese fighting arts were shocked to find that such forms and programs, like the white lotus combined system offering, really do exist!

The Kung-Fu forms and programs that are available here are drawn from Green Dragon's extraordinary inventory of over 400 Chinese fighting sets and programs! We feel they represent the finest instructional tapes available based on the criteria previously mentioned-- namely, an unlimited variety, many forms which are extremely rare, the accuracy of our descriptions, the detail with which they are demonstrated and discussed, the high level of our advanced forms (which includes many "3rd Level" and/ or "Closed Door" sets; almost all of our White Lotus sets fit this category!), and the close attention we pay to the essential points of combat application.

Realizing that many of you have very different backgrounds in training, not to mention different goals and objectives, we have been careful to note the primary emphasis which characterizes each tape-- i.e., whether the form is hard or easy; whether it is principally for strength development or for fighting; whether internal, external or both; whether suitable for tournament competition, etc. Unlike most tape suppliers, Green Dragon has gone to the trouble of providing you with a great deal of descriptive information pertinent to each form before you order.

Naturally, if you have had no training at all, we strongly recommend that you start with forms at the beginner's level, as well as any of the tapes in the "Fundamentals" series. Green Dragon's staff has purposely included many more forms in the Intermediate to Highly Advanced range since we have access to forms at these levels that few other schools have. By our standards, most of what is offered by other tape suppliers is usually only Beginning to low level Intermediate in difficulty and commonly taught at many locations throughout the U.S. Forms which are truly advanced in nature and uncommonly found elsewhere are a specialty of Green Dragon Studio.

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