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Sifu Allen with Quill Sword

Sifu Allen breaking TWO four-inch concrete blocks in an open-handed strike!!!
(no spacers- now THAT's Iron Palm!!)



Sifu John R. Allen

Sifu John R. Allen has been the Director of Lair of the Green Dragon Studio of the Health and Fighting Arts, now known as Green Dragon Kung-Fu Productions, for over 35 years. In addition to the private by-invitation-only studio begun in 1975, Green Dragon kung-fu clubs have been very successful at the University of Akron and Kent State University since they were founded in 1971, and recently at Ashland University. Sifu has had the opportunity to train under a number of eminent Chinese masters over the last 50 years, including fifteen years with the unorthodox and controversial Master Fee Man Ong, whose professional fighting career (34 matches) in the orient was highly unorthodox. Sifu Allen is ranked in four styles, including White Lotus and his seventh degree in Shuai Chiao.

Having begun his martial arts training in 1957 with six years in Shotokan Karate, leading to a 2nd Degree Black Belt, Sifu Allen began his career in kung-fu in 1963 and during the decade from 1965-75 traveled around the world to gather as much authentic kung-fu material as possible. This led to his unique ability to teach over 400 forms and programs from over 40 different styles, including highly rare and advanced material, both empty hand and with all 72 classical Shaolin weapons, as well as most of the exotics. He teaches both internal and external health and strength development systems, including the Linear Style Pa Kua Chang, the Stone Warrior Strength program, and the Iron Palm, Iron Vest, and Iron Wire programs, as well as a host of chi-kung routines and all three major family styles of Tai Chi, among numerous others.

Sifu Allen is honored to be a second-generation disciple of the legendary Grandmaster Tung Sheng Chang. It was while training with Master Ong that Sifu developed a lasting association and personal friendship with the eminent Master Gene L. Chicoine who, as the thirteenth Son and Disciple of the Grandmaster, became the first president of the International Shuai Chiao Association, and a Master who has no peer in his breaking capabilities, some of which are of legendary proportions!

Additionally, Sifu has been a regular contributor to Inside Kung Fu magazine, having numerous feature articles published since the late 1980s, including appearing on the cover of the June 1989 issue with three of his disciples (the first time in the history of the magazine that more than two people were allowed to be on the cover!). The launch of the instructional videotapes division of this unique studio in 1986 thrust Sifu and his amazing repertoire of rare, highly advanced, authentic Chinese Martial Arts fighting forms and programs onto center stage. Students from all over the world have enjoyed the opportunity to train on such material, material that just was not available elsewhere until Green Dragon started videotape, and now DVD, instruction.

Of course, with recognition comes inevitable criticism and Sifu has always welcomed the controversy that comes with his insistence on “calling it like it is”. He is well known for his criticisms of weak schools that teach limited material, of the emphasis on training for tournaments at the expense of focus on classical fighting forms, of the manner in which tournaments are conducted, and of the disregard by so many of the importance of serious strength training and realistic self-defense - especially for women and small men. Criticism by many in the west coast Chinese community of martial artists pressured IKF to discontinue Sifu’s popular and dissent-inspiring articles, many simply denouncing his material, training, and viewpoint because he is not himself Chinese, others because Sifu released advanced forms from their styles that they didn’t want to share with the general public! Having purposely maintained a low profile for some time, Sifu is looking forward to this new cyber space venue to continue to promote classical training in legitimate, advanced kung fu, and to renew the in-depth discussions that led so many kung fu practitioners to understand the truth of what the Chinese Martial Arts are really all about!

Stay tuned to the website – knowledge will be increasingly available there as nowhere else!!

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