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Iron Vest

As stated on the previous page, the staff of GREEN DRAGON regard the STONE WARRIOR set as the premier power building & muscular development program to ever come from the Orient-- that is IF one had to choose between all the high level programs and could only pick one. Fortunately, we are not limited to that choice. Each of the major kung-fu exercise sets result in the ability to generate great strength in ways that the others do not, which is the reason why the old Maters trained in all of them if possible. In fact, when 3 or 4 advanced programs like Stone Warrior. Iron Vest, Muscle Change Classic, etc., are combined, the end result will actually exceed the sum of each when all are added together!! With this in mind, it can be stated with confidence that the many advantages of the true IRON VEST set rival the results from the Stone Warrior in some areas, and in others (discussed below) will promote qualities highly valued by martial artists which are totally unique. If we examine both Stone warrior and Iron vest together, you will note that the differences far outweigh the similarities, just what you would expect to find if they are to produce different types of power and health benefits.

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