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The Lo Han Shou of Tamo

When Tamo (P'u-t'i-ta-mo; Bodhidharma; Daruma; Dat-Mor; et. al.) came to the Honan Shaolin Temple in the 6th Century A.D., he reputedly introduced 3 exotic exercise programs designed to develop a state of incredible health and internal power in the Monks there. Generally known as the ''Muscle Change Classic'', the ''Marrow Washing Course'', and the ''Eighteen Movements of the Enlightened One'', these were innovated by Tamo during 9 years of meditation divided into 3 year sections, each section devoted to just one of the programs! These highly secret programs were preserved through the Southern Temple in Fukien and passed on through select Masters. Few schools can teach the true programs today, although some claim to. Green Dragon offers the first of these, the Lo Han Shou, in the original 6 sets of 3 exercises each as it was taught some 1500 years ago! The routine requires intense concentration, controlled diaphragmatic breathing, and a private area (but very little space) in which to train (there should be no distractions). Greatly improved health, stamina, and tremendous internal power on tap for fighting can be the result! Comes with 4-page handout in addition to tape.

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