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Tai Chi Ch'uan
Southern Shaolin

One of the rarest versions in existence. Many of our instructors have attended training camps and workshops all over the US. They have seen and practiced dozens of Tai Chi variations from Yang, Chen, Wu, and assorted sub-divisions and all like this rendition better than any they have seen anywhere. Likewise, Sifu Allen has been praised by many instructors coming to train at Green Dragon for his performance on this version. It is smoother and ''softer'' than Chen or Wu style; has larger circular routes (better for ch'i generation); much more expressive handwork; and lends itself better to combat applications than most other styles with the exception of Grandmaste Tung Sheng Ch'ang's Tai Chi. A number of remarkable and dramatic health benefits have accrued to our students after consistent practice on this form including the correction of serious health and injury problems. Transfers added power to any of the hard styles along with better balance, refinement of technique, and flow of movement. Single and double pushing hands exercises included. THIS TAI CHI WORKS!!

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