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Chiao Yuan Ch'uan Ho K'uang P'ien Hu (Tiger Fork )

Make Circles to Deceive the Tiger The ultimate Tiger Fork set! A ''3rd level/ closed door'' form from the Southern 5-Family system, this set is probably the premier Tiger Fork form in existence. This is also a ''Master'' form and, as such, Tiger Fork moves not represented in this form are usually only rearrangements of steps or combinations which this form does contain. Green Dragon uses forks in the 25-30 lbs. range and has found this set to build enormous stability in stances, a very strong waist (from the constant turning under pressure), and great strength in the hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders. Developmental carry-over to other sets, both empty hand and with weapons, is considerable. The form is executed on line, a good indication that much of its content is Northern in origination. Highly recommended.

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