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Wan Ning To Ming Tao (Butterfly Knives )

Butterfly Knives Drive the Tigers from the Mountains This is, simply speaking, the most comprehensive Butterfly Knives form known!! This ''Master'' set exemplifies literally everything in Butterfly Knife work. The form was specially devised by several Masters of the past whose intention was to combine all of the major movements possible with this popular weapon as distilled from all of the Southern Shaolin styles. It would take an entire page to describe it. Some 120-150 steps in length (depending on how you count the compounds), it does exactly what the Masters had in mind: teach mastery of Butterfly Knives within one form!! Needless to say, this one takes months to learn properly, many more to perfect, and enormous stamina to perform correctly with power and speed, but, when so learned, you will have a form like no other! Very few sets of any kind from any style are as demanding, and, hence, few hold the potential this one does. Highly recommended.

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