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Shuang T'ieh Kuo Chu Chao Lung (Iron Rulers / Sais )

Double Iron Rulers Seek the Dragon If working with sai-type weapons holds any interest for you, these iron rulers sets from the little known Wanderer's Style are the ultimate forms for you to have. Both ''Master sets'', we have never seen another ruler/sai form that contains the moves, degree of difficulty, or potential for fighting applications as either of these alone (and we have many ruler forms), with the Tiger set being the slightly more difficult of the two. In the 80+ steps of each set are the methods for using this popular weapon in every conceivable way! The Dragon set can also be performed with Butterfly Knives without changing any of the movement! Both will build tremendous leg strength, striking power (especially smashing) and general stamina. Use both double and single handed use both short and long range. Highly recommended.

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