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Lu K'o Chang Ch'uan (Baton / Cane)
White Lotus

Traveler's Cane Without doubt the premier fighting cane/baton/umbrella set to be developed in the Kung-Fu Arts! One of Sifu Allen's favorite weapons sets, this form embodies all of the unique characteristics which give the White Lotus System in general so many of its advantages. It is highly circular in nature, has many overlapping compound techniques, and contains almost every movement for every purpose that could possibly be desired in weapons work of this type-- in one word: VERSATILITY!! Complex, artistic, and very developmentally challenging, there is little in the way of short stick work that this rare form does not represent. The set can be done with any type of cane, most types of heavy duty umbrellas, any type of baton-length stick and is ideal for sword-canes, once Green Dragon's videos with he sword- cane provide the basics to which you can add principles from this Traveler's Cane set. It is smooth, fast, and dynamic in appearance, allowing for both an unlimited number of combat applications, as well as having an appearance which makes it highly desirable for tournament forms competition. A ''Master's Level'' set in every sense. Highly recommended

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