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Kai Shou Ch'uan (Baton )
White Lotus

White Lotus Changing Hands Baton Like most of the unique White Lotus fighting forms, especially those with weapons, features not associated with usual baton work are characteristic of this little known ''Changing Hands'' set. As the name indicates, just one of those distinctive features is the manner and the number of times the baton changes hands during the course of execution, requiring additional challenges in skill development and lending itself to a number of deceptive moves and surprise attacks that add strong elements of tactical advantage in the combat situation. Slightly less diffcult that the highly sophisticated Traveler's Cane form, this set has an execellent balance of free-swinging and two-handed work and is loaded with the circular combinations that distinguish most White Lotus material, and which produces students capable of the most intricate manipulations. When added to the other 5 instrucional tapes dedicated to the mastery of baton and/or cane technique, everything necessary tobe a specialist with medium length stick weapons has been presented.

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