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Kuan Tao Chan Shang Feng (Kwan Sword )
Northern 5-Animal Shaolin

Kuan's Knife Steals the Wind Fighting set from Northern 5-Animal Shaolin. Kuan/Kwan Tao material is fairly common in major Chinese schools. Green Dragon has four advanced Kwan Tao sets at its disposal and we regard this one as the finest from every standpoint. It is fast, smooth, circular, and flashy in appearance, yet leads to powerful combat applications. When a heavier Kwan Tao is used, the form will build great hand, wrist, arm, and shoulder strength which then carries over to all other aspects of the arts. This set is long with a wide variety of good combinations some of the more complex coming near the end which makes it all the more challenging. Not as rare as most of Green Dragon's sets.

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