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Hu Dip Chung Kwan (Weighted Staff )

Butterfly Style Weighted/ Heavy Staff A ''combined'' set in the sense that it employs movements and maneuvering appropriate to staff fighting, but the concentration is on a slower performance done with a series of stops made during the form at which point low stances are held while the staff is extended away from the body (at arms-length etc.). This may be done with any staff to which weight (3-5 lbs.) is attached at the ends, or with a real Chinese ''double weighted staff'' that comes with steel sleeves at each end filled with heavy metal (sometimes up to 10+ lbs. for each end!). Long use with this weapon produces tremendous hand, wrist, arm, and shoulder strength (regular staff will feel like a feather after several months!), which can then be employed in the handling of any other type of weapon, or, naturally, in any aspect of empty hand fighting. Green Dragon has had senior staff members holding deep stances with the staff extended for periods exceeding 5 minutes. Builds great upper body strength.

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