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Kang Tun Ch'in Ch'uan
Pa Chi Ch'uan

Armor and Shield Piercing Form Not unlike the prevalent Tams System, the hard, dynamic northern style of Pa Chi Ch'uan (Eight Ultimate Fist Style) has contributed major structural elements to many other Kung-Fu systems. It is believed by some that it was originated to develop such extreme striking power that a highly trained fighter could punch right through the different types of heavy bamboo body armor worn by troops of various emperors. Green Dragon brings you the Master's level set from this unusual style. From 1979-1989, the staff of Green Dragon had the opportunity to share in public demonstrations with several well-known Chinese teachers who are chief proponents of this style, including the Master who is reputed to be the best living instructor of this type of kung-fu. On these occasions, the performers were filmed for our video library and, when combined with other GD video records from kung-fu tournaments we've attended where Pa Chi was displayed, we have personally witnessed a good half-dozen Pa Chi fighting sets considered to be at the higher level in this style. In a phrase, all six of these put together could not equal the variety, versatility, and demands of this one set - characteristics to be expected of a Master's Level form! Properly done, this one set is a workout all by itself! It requires great energy and stamina to perform, but it will build remarkable strength and endurance into the body over time, as well as achieve its primary function: extremely forceful punching, blocking, and striking power.

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