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Chung-Li Chui Yao Mo Kuei Kuai
Eight Drunken Immortals

Chung-Li Chases Monsters and Ghosts Any of the legitimate forms from the Eight Drunken Immortals styles is hard to master since they require the development of skills not normally associated with other styles. The ability to strike hard and fast from uncomfortable positions and postures, to appear severely unbalanced while actually in perfect control, and the flexibility necessary to do the jumping, rolling, and falling that Drunken forms contain are just some of the things that make the training approach to Drunken style different in terms of time, effort, and commitment. Of all the Drunken sets, this is one of the most demanding. Liberally translated as Chung-Li Chases Monsters and Ghosts (Evil Spirits) of All Kinds, this set represents a wide cross-section of the moves and combinations for which Eight Drunken Immortals is famous, as well as many which are not well known since this is a ''closed door'' form! Not recommended for beginning students. As indicated by the title, the content of this little known set heavily stresses the developmental aspects of Drunken movement, and, as such, has many gymnastic combinations more challenging than would be the case otherwise. Excellent program of combat applications.

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