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Yeh Pao Ta Ts'ung Shu Lin
Honan Shaolin

Night Leopard Strikes from the Forest This Northern 5-Animal Honan Shaolin Leopard set is a truly rare and exceptional empty hand fighting set representing one of the two lesser known animals of the Honan temple System (Leopard and Snake are not as common in authentic Northern forms as are Dragon, Tiger, and Crane). Classical Northern Leopard material is not readily available, especially at the advanced level, & this particular set is no doubt among the most challenging that has come down through the past several centuries. Letters coming in from our ''extension family'' around the world-- many of whom had requested genuine Leopard animal forms-- have praised this set in every sense. The form is smooth, fast, powerful, circular in nature (though on line as with most Northern sets), and very well balanced while at the same time tending to emphasize the distinctive Leopard (Leopard Fist) style of quick striking. Very highly recommended.

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