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Stance Programs from 3 Different Styles

The true foundation of all Kung-Fu styles that are authentic is stance work! All Styles have some program of stances, starting with the basic ''horse stance'' and often building that into 15 or 20 variations to strengthen the legs for all aspects of low maneuvering, kicking, and absorbing punishment. Green Dragon students, including advanced students, use stances from three styles in all classes: the Temple Sequence from Choy Li Fut (7 different stances); Master Kao's from Northern Shantung Shaolin (8 different stances); and several from the large repertoire of Shuai Chiao as taught to us by Grandmaster Tung Sheng Ch'ang. Approximately 20 in all, these will produce enormous strength in the legs, great power for all types of kicking, low maneuvering, and ground level sweeps and rooster hops. Conditions the legs from all angles, hardening them to resist injury in the process.

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